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Established in 2006, on just one station in Lansing, MI, Host Duran Martinez began his venture from the Classic Rock format, into talk radio.​

A lifelong Michigan resident, hunting and fishing is a part of his life, sharing it with friends and family.

Since then, the show has grown to 12 affiliates across the Great Lakes State and podcasts that are downloaded all over the world.​


"This show has given me the opportunity to achieve goals I have  only dreamed of. Because of this radio show, I am able to learn from the best in their field, as well as help teach everyone along the way. A true benefit for all who listen and enjoy what we have here in Wild Michigan."


-Duran Martinez 


Duran Martinez - Host of "Wild Michigan" 

A 20 plus year veteran of Michigan radio, Duran has learned from every guest that has made an appearence on the show. "Fishing has always been my strong suit, but my passion is all types of hunting as well." At any given season, you can find him in the woods or on the waters doing "show prep!" Getting ready for the next episode of great guests to air on the Michigan Talk Network!

Sara Marie - Team Wild Michigan

Completely new to the outdoors lifestyle, Sara Marie has grabbed ahold of hunting and fishing with all of the enthusiasm of an old veteran! Already with pheasant and ducks under her belt, she is in the woods looking for her first ever Michigan whitetail! Only time will tell what she will accomplish, but we're not putting any bets on failure.

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