Our media partners are hand selected not only for their content but the way they represent themselves in the outdoors industry. It is imperative that only those with the highest standards for content and quality of personality, be brought before our listeners. 



Crossbow Warriors is dedicated to the complete research, testing and reporting of all things crossbow related. As the industry grows, we cannot think of a better group to give an in depth look at what's new in the industry. Not limited to crossbows themselves, Crossbow Warriors will also look at bolts, broadheads and accessories that are all related to crossbows. We feel confident that there is no better source to be connected with.

Not to mention, "they're from Michigan!" 

Bow Hunter Planet

Another great group dedicated to the world of archery, the staff of Bow Hunter Planet bring the Test Lab to archers of all skill levels. No punches pulled, they offer honest opinions about all types of gear for the archer. Very happy to feature David Thomas of BHP with us on

Wild Michigan!