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On August 8, 2015 Team Wild Michigan's Sara Marie, Russ Bartel and Duran Martinez, attended a 1 day seminar with the focus being on Michigan bear hunting. The class at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing center in Cadiallac, MI, was headed up by Ed Shaw, MI DNR Interpreter of the Michigan DNR.  The emphasis on proper baiting, hunting methods and laws surrounding the subject was presented in a manner that made it easy for all attending to come away with the much needed information to increase their percentage of success in the field.


Special guest Bob Garner, formerly of Michigan Outdoors Television, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony that was the official opening of the DNR Outdoor Skills Acadamy. Also in attendance was Steve Berry. Steve is the first Pro Staff member that is responsible for 

helping to educate people of all skill levels to become more successful in the outdoors. 


We hope that you will visit this great facility and see what so many have worked so hard at to make sure all have the tools and education needed to ensure a positive experience in Michigan's outdoors.


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