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Even before the early days of "AM Outdoors," "The Deer Professor" Doug Roberts has been sharing his knowledge of whitetail deer and their behavior with us on the radio. 

He and his wife Karen, have produced what we consider to be the most effective scents and attractants in the industry.

Having created a variety of attractants and cover scents in a stick, that encapsulate natural deer and animals, we are honored to have them as a sponsor of WIld Michigan Outdoors Radio Show!

We would hope that you not only look for, but try and see for yourself, Evercalm cover scent and the powerful VS-1 attractant. Also, make sure you look for the "ATA Approved" check mark sticker on any natural deer scents that you use. They are the only natural deer scents recognized for safe use in the lower Peninsula during the CWD ban.   

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We are very pleased to have Not Just Guns as a member of the Wild Michigan family of advertisers.


Unlike some gun stores, Not Just Guns offers a friendly approach to purchasing a new or used firearm, ammunition or accessories. Taking time to visit with the customer and discuss what your needs are and finding the gun that not only fits your budget, but you personally.


Not limited to new and used firearms, the have a full line of accessories, parts and ammunition, every day carry and other related inventory.  Check out the many different classes and seminars that are offered as well.

Visit them at their location in Mason, MI located on Cedar Street @ US127 or on line at

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